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Divorce is never pleasant. It is often an extremely emotional and draining process. But with the help of an experienced and compassionate divorce lawyer on your side, you will find it easier to get through this difficult time

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"I offer the effective and compassionate legal representation you need to move forward with your life. I am committed to protecting your interests and supporting you throughout the entire process."
- Attorney Bruce Watson

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Bruce Watson has been practicing law in Massachusetts for over 30 years. He has an outstanding record of success when representing his clients in the civil litigation and criminal justice systems.

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When Experience Counts…

Attorney Bruce Watson

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Great character and distinction

I found Bruce through a recommendation of a friend’s wife, who is a director of social work for the state of Massachusetts. It was obvious from our first meeting that she had led me to someone who she believed had great character, and within moments I felt the same. I immediately felt very comfortable with him, with his professional, matter-of-fact approach. One of the things that impressed me the most was his willingness to listen to my point of view. View More >


Best divorce attorney in Quincy

A divorce is a trying time for any individual. Mr. Watson answered all my questions, gave excellent legal advice, helped with all the paper work, and represented me in court. He helped immensely with a rather complicated division of marital assets. His fees were very reasonable as compared other lawyers I contacted. Attorney Watson’s advice and work resulted in a satisfactory conclusion to my marriage which gave me much peace of mind to move on with my life. I highly recommend Attorney Watson.


Available for questions almost any time

Bruce Watson served as my attorney during my divorce proceedings. Not only did Mr Watson make himself available for questions almost any time during the day, including weekends if necessary, he also personally drove me to the Canton court house when I had transportation issues. A divorce is a trying time for any client, but his professionalism and calm demeanor made a difficult situation easier. Even though my wife and I never ended up getting divorced, he continued to serve my needs, even coming to the courthouse in an effort to facilitate the paperwork. It was a blessing I found his services in my time of need, and would recommend Bruce to any prospective client, no matter the complexity of the divorce case. Thank you Bruce for all that you do!


Powerful Diovrce Representation. Compassionate Family Law Attorneys.

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Divorce is often a highly complex issue, and the issues that a divorcing couple must deal with may lead to a great deal of tension, financial expense, and time wasted. A divorce may turn into a long, drawn out battle over every little detail, but it does not have to be this way. With an experienced divorce lawyer at your side, you have the opportunity to navigate your divorce in a timely fashion and to reach an agreement with your spouse so that you can move on.

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Articles & Resources

Protecting Assets in a Divorce

Divorce is as much a financial blow as it is an emotional one. Alimony and child support may take a large, even unreasonable amount out of your monthly paycheck. Conversely, if your income is much smaller than your soon-to-be-ex-spouse’s, or if you stayed at home to look after the family, you might find yourself in […]

What is the difference between a fault and no-fault divorce?

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the grounds for divorce depends on whether you decide on a no-fault or fault divorce. A no-fault divorce does not require parties to prove blame for the breakdown of the marriage. Either or both parties can file to begin the process for a no-fault divorce merely pleading that the marriage […]

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