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If you or someone you love has been threatened or harmed by their spouse or significant other, you need to speak to Attorney Watson about obtaining a restraining order.  A restraining order, sometimes called an order of protection, is a civil action that will outline what contact (if any) is permitted between a person who has formerly committed violence or threats against another person.  Many times victims of domestic violence will have restraining orders placed against the perpetrator to prevent them from coming within a certain distance of their home, work, or school to ward off any further instances of violence or threats. Attorney Watson will help you take the proper actions to obtain a restraining order to make sure both you and your family are protected.

Protect yourself and your family. Contact Attorney Watson if you need a restraining order in Norfolk County or Plymouth County Massachusetts.

Attorney Watson can help you with any of the following types of restraining orders in Massachusetts:

  • Emergency Protective Order (EPO):  For domestic violence victims for their immediate protection and safety.
  • Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order (TRO or DVRO):  Effective for three weeks, but can be made into a permanent restraining order for 1 to 3 years; for domestic violence victims.
  • Criminal Protective Order (“No Contact” Order):  Issued in active domestic violence cases. With this order, your abuser cannot call, write, e-mail or contact you at all except through lawyers.
  • Civil Harassment Restraining Order (CHO):   Used to stop harassment, threats, stalking, etc. by neighbors, roommates and co-workers.

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